Help Others Get Connected! Part 1

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Be Extraordinary!

The Parable of the Good Samaritan is perhaps one of the most familiar Bible passages. Even folks who have no faith background use the term to describe someone who does something nice for somebody else. It’s one of those Biblical phrases that has a permanent place in our thinking and language.

Now go back and read the scriptures again. No, really read them. Don’t skim them because you know the story! Look at the extraordinary measures the Samaritan goes to in his assistance of the beaten man. He doesn’t just do the minimum required to help. He makes sure the guy is safe and on his way to recovery before he continues his own journey.

While you are reaching out to others on your campus as the semester starts, be like the Samaritan. You might not come across someone literally beaten on the side of the road, but it is possible. More likely, you will encounter a young lady who’s been beaten up emotionally during rush week or due to a weekend hookup. You’ll encounter a guy trying to fake it because he’s scared to death of being in a new place without his old high school crew. You’ll encounter students left in the dust academically because they weren’t prepared for the rigors of college life. 

If you look closely, you’ll find them. Be extraordinary in your care for them. Don’t just smile and offer them an encouraging word. Become a mentor to them. Make sure your care gets them through the tough days until you are sure they can stand on their own. That includes those who are struggling with their faith and morals balancing with all this new freedom. 

Thanks for seeking out folks to include in your first week back on campus! Your help is crucial to someone who is struggling, just as the help of the Samaritan was crucial to the healing of the man left in the roadside ditch!