Help Others Get Connected! Part 1

Day 5 of 7 • This day’s reading



Put Others Needs Above Your Own!

My guess is that you are settled in your life on campus by now. You have your own group of friends, your community of faith, your own inner circle, or whatever you call them. You like or love them, and they like or love you. I hope you have found your place on your campus.

To help others connect, you are going to have to think of their needs before you meet your own in some cases. To foster those new relationships, you are going to have to spend less time with your current ones. That could cause some problems for your current group of friends. Hopefully, they are all in too in helping new folks find their places during this 21-day period.

If all of us were to really apply the teachings in today's scriptures, I think we’d run out of room for all the folks that would want to be a part of our groups. What if we tried to outdo each other in encouraging others and looking out for their interests? It’s hard to imagine what that kind of community would look like, unless you’ve read the New Testament. 

Go out of your way today to do something for someone new that costs you something. Don’t do it so others will say how godly you are, do it because you really want to love people like Jesus does. Take a moment to find a way to show the new students that they are more important to you than yourself or your old relationships. Don’t just read the scriptures, live them out today on your campus!