Help Others Get Connected! Part 1

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Start With The Obvious Need! 

Have you ever wondered why Jesus asked the woman at the well for a drink? If you just listed a dozen theological and deep reasons, you are a seminary student and can be excused! Did you miss the obvious one? He asked her for a drink because he was thirsty after the journey to Synchar. 

As you are trying to get others involved in campus ministries and local churches near your college, don’t miss the obvious connection points. Ask if you can join the pickup basketball game. See if you can get them to teach you something or provide you with something you need.

Once you demonstrate you have a need or a desire to join in what they are doing, the chances are they will want to know why you asked them. It might be as simple as you guys were on the floor and I wanted to play too. The woman at the well went much deeper than that with her question.

While you are encouraging others to get involved, they are likely to ask you some deeper questions too. Be prepared to give them an answer that is truthful and leads to more conversation. That’s what Jesus did with the woman and what he’ll lead you to do if you will just make yourself available to be a part of the harvest.