Help Others Get Connected! Part 1

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Go Where The People Are! 

It can be easy to slip into comfortable groups after a few months in college. Even in our churches and campus ministries, we find ourselves around the same group of friends a lot of the time. While that may be natural, it’s not always beneficial!

Jesus took his group with him, but he was often in different towns and around different people. He went to where the people were. He didn’t rent out a great hall and advertise that if anyone wanted to be healed to come to him. He had no posters or flyers advertising his appearance in Nazareth next Tuesday at 8. He went to where the people were normally in the course of their daily lives. 

In that context, Jesus turned and said to his disciples that the harvest is abundant, but the workers are few. They still are! His challenge to pray for the extra workers is also still valid. However, I think the disciples got it that they were already in the harvest field. And so are you and I if we are following Jesus on the college campus. 

And just like Jesus, we need to get out of our comfortable holy huddles and go with our believing friends to the places where we are likely to find groups of students. Maybe there, Jesus will share his compassion with us for the crowds!