Help Others Get Connected! Part 1

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Practice Hospitality!

I admit that this is an area where I am not where I should be. I score a negative number on the mercy scale when I take one of those spiritual gifts inventory things. It’s not that I don’t like people, I just don’t think to really offer hospitality to people naturally. Let’s just say, it’s a work in process for me.

Maybe it come naturally for you. I know some folks who are extremely gifted in this area. You just feel at home with them as soon as you meet them. They make you feel like family from the start.

As you are reaching out on campus, hospitality is a great way to bring folks in. It doesn’t always take a lot of money to be hospitable either. Offering a ride to that new freshmen without a car or that international student to go get groceries or supplies can mean the world to someone who feels lost away from home. Inviting them to share a meal with you, even if it’s Ramen, shows that somebody cares.

Find a way this weekend to offer hospitality to a new student. I wonder how many angels I have missed along the way. Lord help me not to miss the next one!