Our Spirit-Empowered Working

Spirit-empowered working is focused on using the spiritual gifts in the workplace and seeing our work as a place where God can work miraculously. It is an acknowledgement that God’s presence is everywhere by his Spirit, even in seemingly unlikely places. 

In practising this spiritual discipline, there are some simple behaviours we can demonstrate in the workplace:

  • Discovering our spiritual gifts and seeking wisdom on how to develop and use them.

  • Praying for opportunities to partner with God in what he is already doing in the workplace.

  • Welcoming God’s presence.

  • Seeking to serve those we work with to enhance the workplace environment.

God is willing to fill us with his Spirit to enable our good work for him: “with wisdom, with understanding, with knowledge and with all kinds of skills”, just as he enabled Bezalel to do the work that he had prepared for him.

How can you be more conscious of using the gifts of the Spirit to do the good work that God has prepared for you to do today?