Our Prayerful Working

Prayerful working emphasises spiritual reflection and continuous prayer. People who cultivate this way of working have a calm ability to be still in the midst of busyness, and are often very contemplative in their approach to issues. There is a spiritual depth to their conversation, and they have often developed the discipline of Christian meditation. 

In practising this spiritual discipline, there are some simple behaviours we can demonstrate in the workplace:

  • Being aware of God’s presence. 

  • Bringing everything before God, either openly or internally. 

  • Being able to create rhythms of rest, silence and even solitude in the work environment. While this may be much easier with routine jobs, or roles that involve contact with the natural environment, it can be done anywhere and any time with some creativity. 

  • Celebrating the good things of God: achievements, truth, goodness, beauty, wonder and joy.

  • Honouring the holy days of the church calendar.

How can you be more prayerful in your working, and like the Psalmist, be still and know God in the midst of the trouble, storms and earthquakes of work?