We are God’s workmanship

We sometimes confuse faith and work with faith and works. This passage from Ephesians 2 makes it very clear that we cannot earn our salvation by our work. However, it also makes it very clear that we have been saved by God to do good work.

Even more beautifully, it reminds us that we are God’s handiwork, his craftsmanship, his work of art. We are a lovely work of God, created in Christ Jesus to do such good work.

We also have comfort from the promise that God prepared the work for us to do. We need to ask God what work he has prepared for us to do and then, as Eugene Peterson reminds us in The Message version of verse 10: “We had better get on and do it!”

What is the good work that God wants you to be doing? If you aren’t sure, pray and seek God’s guidance.