Our Gospel Working

Gospel working is Bible-centred and focuses on the proclamation of the good news of the gospel, either proclaimed or promoted, by how we work. It emphasises sharing faith, encountering Christ in Scripture and living the Christ-life, as well as Bible-shaped working and speaking the truth in love.

In practising this spiritual discipline, there are some simple behaviours we can demonstrate in the workplace:

  • Focusing on living and working obediently. 

  • Looking to integrate Biblical knowledge with working. 

  • Defending the truth. 

  • Linking up with other Christians, forming a Bible study, gospel discovery group, prayer meeting or support group.

  • Seeking every opportunity to bear witness to the gospel in work and deed.

In this way, we seek to be salt and light in the workplace, preserving what is good and lighting up dark places.

How can you practise Gospel working behaviours in your workplace?