Jesus’s plan for our work

Jesus went to the synagogue, as was his custom, and was invited to give the reading of Scripture. He unravelled the scroll to Isaiah 61 and read a famous passage about what the Messiah was going to do on earth.

We sometimes read Luke 4 as release from spiritual impoverishment, imprisonment, blindness and oppression. In fact, the words Jesus quotes from Isaiah 61 in this passage of Luke is a promise that all of society will be released from bondage to sin once it comes under the Lordship of Jesus.

Thus, our work is part of the big redemption plan of God to create a better society, and give everyone a taste of what the kingdom of God is like, what it is like to live in “the year of the Lord’s favour.” In this way we point to Jesus, and show people what he is like.

How can you give people a taste of God’s kingdom in your everyday work?