10 Challenges Every Dad Must Conquer


Day 1: Introduction

Congratulations on starting this new YouVersion Bible Reading Plan called 10 Challenges Every Dad Must Conquer from Manhood Journey. If you’re like most dads, you are walking around feeling overwhelmed—or worse—like a failure. 

This reading plan is a summary of many of the things we cover in our Field Guides for dads. Like this reading plan, we took your most-pressing challenges and give you strategies and Scripture to overcome your challenges. We believe you can be the dad God calls you to be. This reading plan will help.

First, a brief word about Manhood Journey. Manhood Journey is a ministry who helps dads become disciple makers. We do this through various tools. Things like blogs, eBooks, Field Guides, Bible studies, digital courses and live events.

What we’ll cover in 10 Challenges Every Dad Must Conquer Bible Reading Plan: 

My guess is you’re a dad who wants to be intentional in how you’re raising your children. You want them to relate to God in a personal way, to be guarded from evil, to grow up to be strong men and women. But, that’s difficult in this world!

In fact, of the thousands of dads we’ve worked with, many of them tell us they don’t feel like they’re “doing enough” for their kids. Maybe you share that feeling. You want to do the right thing, but you just feel like you’re missing the mark.

Most dads express this sense of failure and even exasperation. We hear these ten common challenges in many ways. Most dads ask us questions something like this:

  • “I’m unsure where to begin in discipling my child?”

  • “Am I doing enough?”

  • “How can I get my kids to open up to me and tell me what’s on their hearts and minds?”

  • “How do I balance my time – making sure I give the right amounts to work, my wife, my kids, and other interests, hobbies, or volunteer projects?”

  • “How do I battle outside influences on my children, especially regarding media and technology?”

  • “How do I train my kids well, helping them to lead a life that honors God?”

In this reading plan, we’ll address these questions and more. We’ll see what Scripture has to say to help us conquer these challenges

We’ve taken all of the thousands of struggles we’ve heard from dads and organized them into ten main challenges with some key solutions. These solutions aren’t “sequential” – they’re things we’re all working on all the time, to varying degrees. Imagine these ten things as buckets. 

So, over the whole reading plan, you’ll get ten challenges and ten solutions you can use, with strategies and Scriptures for implementing each one.

We’re here to help you become the disciple-making dad God calls you to be.

If you find this reading plan helpful, don’t miss the Field Guides for dads that digs into each of the se challenges in much greater detail. We took each of these ten challenges and matched them with battle-proven, busy leaders who also happen to be dads—to give you theologically deep and super-practical help.