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10 Challenges Every Dad Must ConquerSample

10 Challenges Every Dad Must Conquer

DAY 9 OF 12

Day 9 You’ve failed in the past and you’re not sure what to do. 

Sharing the gospel through failures

I believe the core of the problem within our society is that too few men within the church are engaging the world. We simply don’t have examples of godly men around us. Leadership is characterized by authentic examples more than it is characterized by admonition and instruction.

Every father should remember that one day his son will follow his example instead of his advice. Robert E. Coleman from the book Master Plan of Evangelism said it well, “It is good to tell people what we mean, but it is infinitely better to show them. People are looking for a demonstration, not an explanation.”

Here are three tips to help us turn our everyday conversation into a gospel conversation. You have to tell the three stories:

#1 Their Story 

Ask a person his or her story. People are desperately wanting to be heard and known.

#2 Your Story

Share your story, the story of God’s grace and truth forever changing our lives. This is where God can use your testimony. This can be lessons you have learned through hardship and difficulty. Talk about (1) your life before Christ (2) how you accepted Christ and (3) your life with Christ. 

#3 God’s Story

This leads to the last and final story, the story of the gospel. This opens the door for us to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and opportunity for them to ponder it.

Consider the age and stage of your child. From that standpoint, take the child to Jesus. You understand why Christ has come and the goal is to point the person to the story of Jesus. Take one step at a time. As you share stories from your life, you will get more confident at connecting the dots of the gospel.

There are many methods for sharing the faith. As someone has said, sharing your faith is like prayer: there’s probably only one wrong way to do it, and that’s to not do it at all. 

Are you showing and telling your story with your children? 

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10 Challenges Every Dad Must Conquer

Feel overwhelmed—or worse—like a failure? We took your most-pressing challenges and matched them up with battle-proven, busy leaders who also happen to be dads—to give you theologically deep and super-practical help. You...


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