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10 Challenges Every Dad Must ConquerSample

10 Challenges Every Dad Must Conquer

DAY 2 OF 12

Day 2: You’re not sure whether you’re winning or losing. 

What game are you playing? 

As dads, we need to understand what’s the most important thing you want to pass down to children. I’m not talking about how to throw the perfect spiral. While super important, what about whether your child actually becomes a follower of Christ? How about your role in leading by example in the house—modeling what a Christian should look like?

Proverbs 22:6 says, “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it,” (ESV). So, what are we “training up” our kids to do? 

Who we are plays a major role in shaping who they become. With this in mind, the best thing we can do is make sure our kids keep a healthy perspective of what’s truly important. 

Rather than pointing our kids to Christ, are we pointing them to worldly accomplishments? 

Where should you start? How about here: are you doing the base-level things for your kids? 

1) Reading the Bible together  

Don’t overthink this. God’s Word is powerful. Read a verse or chapter with your kids and ask: what did you guys just read or what questions do you have about God after reading this?

2) Praying together

We’re pointing them to God—not ourselves. Praying goes well with reading the Bible. 

3) Getting involved in their ministry at church 

If you have a teenager, consider becoming a small-group leader. If you have an elementary-aged kid, serve in the children’s ministry. You get the idea. 

When our kids are asking questions about stuff that matters, we’re making progress! Mark it down. This is you winning as a dad! 

For today, assess yourself. What game are you really playing?


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10 Challenges Every Dad Must Conquer

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