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10 Challenges Every Dad Must ConquerSample

10 Challenges Every Dad Must Conquer

DAY 6 OF 12

Day 6 You’re always angry.

What is anger?

With years in ministry, I’ve discovered anger can be a surprising source of frustration and bondage. The shame of a raised voice, over reaction or patched hole in the wall is covered with promises to do better next time, and a resolve to keep this struggle quiet because “good Christian parents don’t lose their temper.” 

Here’s three things you should do when it comes to anger: 

  1. See your anger 

  2. Source your anger 

  3. Submit your anger 

#1 See your anger

This starts with being able to recognize and say something matters to our hearts, and when something really matters to us it’s usually hard to hide it on the outside.

What does your anger look like on the outside: Raising Your Voice? Silence? Sarcasm?

Seeing our emotions before they erupt into harmful responses is the real goal of SEEING OUR ANGER.

#2 Source your anger

As we seek freedom from anger in our hearts, the next step is to SOURCE OUR ANGER. This is doing the hard work of investigating what is making us feel so deeply.

Anger is most useful as a diagnostic tool. When anger erupts, it’s a signal something is wrong. 

Don’t skip the obvious things: Are you eating at the right times? Are you getting enough sleep and exercise?

#3 Submit your anger

Submitting your anger is asking Jesus to bring life where we are only producing death. For most of us, the problem of anger is deeper, and the cost of submission is greater than what could be sourced on the surface. 

The good news of Jesus is powerful enough for your anger problem. And, applying that gospel to the sources of your anger is an honest confession to Him that you need a new heart to surrender to His control.

As you take your anger to Jesus, this is the work I know He will do in you. He is the antidote. There is no other.  

Do you SEE your anger? Have you sourced it? Are you submitting it?

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10 Challenges Every Dad Must Conquer

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