Soul Set Free

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DAY THREE: Understanding ‘No Condemnation’

Hear this in the depths of your soul: the Christian is a person who has been taken completely out of the realm of any possible or conceivable condemnation.

But that doesn’t mean you will never sin again. However, when you do sin, you are no longer sinning against the law—you’re sinning against love. For a non-Christian, that is not true.

It’s like someone sinning against the laws of the state of Missouri; if you sin against the state, you are at the mercy of the state. The state gets to determine both the crime and the punishment. But the law (of the land) has no jurisdiction over a dead person. Our relationship to the law has been severed. If we sin now, we sin against love.

To really live in the power of “no condemnation,” we have to keep our eyes on the person who makes that possible—and that’s not you. It was never your perfection; it was always His. It was never your action; it was always His. It was never your righteousness; it was always His!

Our “performance,” like our feelings, will wax and wane. There will be good days and bad days, but the basis for our confidence is only found in Christ.