Soul Set Free

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DAY ONE: Understanding God’s Grace—Let’s Begin!

Many Christians have been here. Maybe you are here right now.

It’s not that you aren’t a Christian. But you realize there is something missing in your love for God.

You may love God in general and you may love Jesus, but do you love the Father?

Do you feel a personal connection to Him and understand just how much He loves you?

This is not a ‘self-help’ devotional—making extravagant promises if you follow this diet, try this technique, repeat this mantra.

The ‘work’ is not up to you. The work has already been done for you and is being done in and through you.

A lot of us hard-working, doing-the-best-we-can types suspect that if things are good between God and us, surely it’s because we are trying really hard to keep the rules. And perhaps this is why, from Paul to Luther to a much smaller figure in the church’s story like mine, there has to come a moment when life breaks you open. Ultimately it’s about being broken open to love.

Make a mental note of where you are sitting as you read these words and prepare to embark on this journey with me. I pray that this precise spot, in this exact moment, would be the start of your own awakening to radical, revolutionary grace.