Soul Set Free

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DAY FIVE: The Case is Closed

So now hear the holy hush in the court as Paul brings his argument to its logical conclusion.

All the evidence has been entered. When you look at it in total, it is staggering. The proof of God’s love is overwhelming:

He is for you.

No one can bring a charge against you, much less condemn you now. (Not even you!) Given the extreme lengths to which God has gone to bring you home, how could you possibly deny His love for you now?

You are permanently, desperately, and entirely loved; the triune work of grace is able to overcome each and every scheme and attack that comes against you. Nothing and no one can separate you from His perfect love, and nothing and no one ever will.

Come what may, God is going to complete the work He started in you. Before time began the Father set His heart on you and chose you; Jesus gave up everything to come and rescue you; and the Spirit lives in you, making you like Jesus—all of it a work of grace, and all of it summed up in the word grace.

These devotionals are based on Soul Set Free: Why Grace is More Liberating Than You Believe by John Lindell.