Soul Set Free

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DAY FOUR: Understanding Being Dead to Sin

“Well, wait…if all my sins are forgiven…then I guess it doesn’t really matter how I live, does it?”

Paul’s response here is fascinating, and the language is provocative to this day: When we were in sin, we were dead. But now that we are in Christ, we are actually dead—to sin itself! The reign of sin simply has no power over those of us who are now under the reign of grace; we are simply no longer under sin’s sway. We have been drinking from the river of God and are now intoxicated with grace.

God’s story has become my story. His death has become my death. All of our loss, our heartache, our sin and addiction and shame—all of it has been crucified with Christ on the cross.

It doesn’t matter whether or not you “feel” it. It is not something that you now need to achieve or do. It has already happened! Christ entered the human realm of sin and His death severed our relationship with sin. When He was “finished” dealing with sin, we were finished with sin, too!

The really exciting part is this: since His story has become our story and His death has become our death, His resurrection has now become our resurrection.