Passion 2019 Reading Plan


“Faith is not predicated on understanding and five-year plans. Faith is predicated on trust.”  

-Christine Caine

There it is again… that five-letter word: trust.

It’s such an easy word to say and yet an incredibly hard word to live. Why is it so elusive? Often we withhold trust until we feel someone has earned it. We hide it away, especially if our trust has been violated in the past. At Passion 2019, both Chad Veach and Christine Caine reminded us that this is exactly what the enemy wants us to do: withhold our trust from God. Christine  warned us: 

“You will not follow a Jesus you don’t trust.

You will not serve a Jesus you don’t trust. 

You will not sacrifice for a Jesus you don’t trust.

You will not obey a Jesus you don’t trust.”

Can you see it? What’s disguised as self-preservation evolves into rebellion. If the enemy can turn our trust away from Jesus, he can poison us with an amnesia that erases all the goodness God has shown us. And that forgetfulness will cripple our faith.  

Job had the best excuse out of any of us to “curse God and die” (as his wife suggested). Still, he chose trust, based on the goodness of the God he knew from the past. Job returned to what he already knew was true and evident. He let the confirmation of God’s promise produce a new confidence. Even in our hardest times, we can look back and say, “God was faithful before, and He will be faithful again.”