Passion 2019 Reading Plan


"With honest questions and an open heart, He is going to lead you to the truth.”

-Louie Giglio, Passion 2019

For many of us, we have a false idea that God is distant and maybe even despises our questions and concerns. However, this mindset is far from the heart of our heavenly Father. When we come to Him, we can be sure that He joyfully and willingly receives us along with whatever we may be bringing. He is a perfect Father who wants to lead His children toward the very best.

How do you approach your heavenly Father? Do you come to Him with everything you are, or have you been holding back, hiding the things you aren’t sure He’d want to see? At Passion 2019, Louie Giglio reminded us that it is with an open heart that God will lead us to the truth of who He is, and who we are to Him. So, let us always approach God knowing that He welcomes us with kindness, patience, and genuine love.