True You: Finding Beauty In Authenticity


Fear Is a Liar 

Fear is this: False Expectations Appearing Real. We don’t know what could, will, or may happen in any situation, yet we let our minds run wild and create a myriad of imagined expectations, and then we sit, and anxiety builds. We play situations out over and over in our minds. We rethink and overthink what we should have said, what we did say or do, and how it was received. We travel down roads in our minds that lead to chaos, which begins to rule our emotions.

A good question to ask ourselves is “How would you treat a friend who lied to you as much as your fears have?” The reality is that we have all spent far too much time worrying about things that never even happened. Fear robs us of living fully.

A good exercise today is to take a moment and travel down memory lane. Think of all the things you feared and the worst-case scenarios you played out. Then determine whether or not they actually happened. We spend so much time fearing fear itself. 

Today’s Scripture reads, “Do not be afraid.” Four words that should have more of an impact on our hearts. It is mentioned no less than eighty times in the Bible, which begs the questions: What are we afraid of? How can we calm our anxiety?

God is always the comforter.