True You: Finding Beauty In Authenticity


Find Your True You

I have spent the better part of the last twenty years writing and speaking about identity—who you are in context of whose you are: God’s. 

We often describe ourselves like a résumé. We are full of labels and details: name, age, spouse, children, values, beliefs, hopes, dreams, location, what we’ve done, who we know, who we are friends with, our likes, our dislikes, what we look and sound like, who our tribe is, the list goes on—like the ingredients on a processed food product. We derive much value in cultivating and defending this ego and consider it our identity. 

But we are more. You are more. I am more. For in the quiet stillness of the very core of my being, and with each passing day, I am becoming more aware of and more present to God’s presence within me and God’s presence around me. To be truly human and to be truly ourselves, we are to become what God is: love. We are made from love and for love, and we are made in the image and likeness of God who is love.