True You: Finding Beauty In Authenticity



As you begin to read this, may I boldly suggest that together we let go and let God. Let’s open ourselves up for a deep work that is rich and transformational. The verses for each day in this plan are ones that have carried me through my life thus far. I can tell you that it’s through my connection to God that I’ve come to understand that my connectedness to everything else is greater than I ever imagined. 

It is incumbent upon all of us to look and see the beauty that we all possess. We need to recognize the dignity we have in being created in God’s image—the thing that connects us to each other, to the planet, and most importantly to God—our Creator, and the Creator of the universe. 

We need to give ourselves and others the freedom and permission to simply be. No longer afraid of our pain, no longer hiding in the shadows of shame and guilt but prepared to share our truth, so that others may also find the strength to be who they are meant to be. Our true selves need to rise to the surface and serve as a light that leads others to live in freedom. 

How do we find our freedom? We start by living and standing in our truth. As scary and as painful as it may seem, when the truth is out, we can walk through anything. When we live open to the Spirit of the Lord, we begin to live differently. We become able to exhale and then take our next breath, which permeates our entire being, as we breathe spirit in and out.