True You: Finding Beauty In Authenticity



During the seasons of life when hardship and pain and heartache follow us, it is especially important to remember that while we once used to depend on our parents for just about everything, we have now learned to depend on God instead. 

Resilience looks different for everyone, but it’s there. Sometimes we don’t even recognize resilience because we just keep going, and it isn’t until we stop and reflect that we realize just how resilient we are. 

In Ephesians, Paul’s prayer is that God will strengthen, and with that strength we will have faith that Christ will dwell in us. This heavenly strength produces resilience and allows us to understand love and push past adversity. Perhaps the reason why we don’t immediately consider ourselves as resilient is because we endure rather than rest in God’s love for us. 

This thing called resilience shows up in the most desperate of moments, puts a rod in our backs, and causes us to stand when it looks like we should crumble.

Today take a moment to recognize that the Spirit of God is strengthening your inner-being, and resilience is showing up and propelling you forward.