True You: Finding Beauty In Authenticity


Lead a Life of Authenticity 

Today I would like to share a passage from my book that I wrote in the final days before finishing. It came to me as the glow of my computer screen was keeping me awake in the dead of the night. It is called “You Are More.” 

You are more. 

More than your thoughts, emotions 

More than your hopes and dreams

More than your work and position

More than the passage of time in your body 

More than your failures and shortcomings

More than your accomplishments and possessions 

More than your partner, children, or parents

More than the dysfunction of your family of origin

More than the words with which you label yourself

More than the facts that support them

More than the lies you keep in your heart

More than the grief you have endured

More than the abuse you have suffered

More than the hurts inflicted on you, that you inflicted on yourself and others

More than the voice that keeps you down

You are more.

You are more than yourself.

You are more than enough. 

I hope today’s Scripture enables you to embrace your true you and to live wholeheartedly and fully present.

You have made it this far. And I am so beyond grateful. 

Thank you for sharing this journey with me. 

Thank you for diving deeply into yourself and diving deeply into God.

Thank you for being vulnerable. 

Thank you for your time; I know it is sacred. 

Truth is beautiful. And God is the purveyor of truth.  

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