True You: Finding Beauty In Authenticity


Your Intrinsic Value

Through my own journey and by being an observer of people and life, I’ve learned how many of us find our personal value. I have realized that most of the time, we look to others for our value. We look to our husbands, our friends, our parents, and our children. Ultimately, we place so much importance on how these people impact our lives that we are crushed whenever we’re disappointed 

But there is another place that we find intrinsic and solid value. 

Your worth and value come from God and God only. It is up to you to take that journey and find out what that means for you. When it comes from God, it won’t matter what your life or relationships throw at you because you are not reliant upon it for anything other than freely giving and receiving the love that is given back to you. 

These words of Isaiah 58 speak deeply into giving yourself over to God and wholly relying on Him to give you your value. He promises to guide us, give us strength, and satisfy our needs. The particular words I love from this verse and want you to hold in your heart are those in which God says we “will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail.” Oh, how beautiful are those words! May our lives be gardens bursting with color, nutrients, and flavor.