True You: Finding Beauty In Authenticity


The Spin Cycle

“Be STILL and know that I AM God.”

Why do we fear stillness? In this world of constant motion, why does it feel like perfection is the goal in life? That excellence in everything is something to clamor after? What ever happened to just being and living in the moment and taking it all in? 

Social media definitely plays a role in this. As we scroll through our feeds, we are bombarded with countless photos of the seemingly perfect holidays, kitchen counters bursting with home-baked goods, perfect school lunches, birthday parties for two-year olds that rival milestone birthdays like the fiftieth. The posts are never-ending, and we use hashtags like #blessed. Is this really blessed? Or could it possibly be egocentric narcissism? Are we trying to keep up with the Jones’, while behind closed doors we are crumbling, lonely, and filled with self-loathing?

This is where the spin cycle enters center stage. We spin events and images to tell a better story because we’ve become unsatisfied with our truth maybe because of what we’ve seen. We don’t feel like we measure up, so we spin, spin, spin.  

We get stuck in our lies, and we don’t face the truth, so we keep dealing with the same issues in life. Then we only post our shiny moments and highlights. We put a spin on life. If our life is out of control, and the wheels are falling off, we give the impression that everything is lovely; our homes are peaceful, and life is grand. We spin the story, and we insert ourselves into this spin, which puts undue pressure on everyone involved. 

Today, let’s take a brave and bold step and jump out of the spin cycle. Let’s embrace our truth and reality and rest. Let’s give ourselves permission to rest and to “Be Still and know that I AM God.” Let’s live from that place instead of a place of comparison and spinning.