Celebrating Creation


2. Creation was Orderly and Systematic (part 2)

Genesis 1 tells us that Creation was orderly, joyful and excellent. Seven times over, we are told that "God saw that it was (very) good..." And, when He had finished, God rested. There is a sense of contentment and joy in creation.  

Today we look at a beautiful passage from Proverbs. When you read through Proverbs you will find passages where Wisdom is personified (Often as "Lady Wisdom".) This "personified wisdom" points ultimately to Jesus, the Word, and also to the Holy Spirit. Our passage paints a picture of wisdom actively participating in creation and this is what John was talking about when he wrote about Jesus as the Word "through Whom all things were created." (John 1:3)

Today's passage shows how wisdom participated in the work of Creation. Wisdom was the "craftsman at God's side" when the sea's boundaries were set and the foundations of the earth were laid. There is an incredible sense of delight and joy in this passage.

There is a sense that Creation is crafted into being.

That God delights in the act of creation.

That God rejoices in creating and that He delights in humankind.

We are not functionally made, we are joyfully and delightedly made.

God takes pleasure in creating us and delights in the process and purpose of creation. We are not here by accident. We are not creatures that somehow crawled out of the primordial soup and somehow managed to adapt and survive. We are made according to to the purpose, plan and delight of God!  

This passage tells me that when God carefully (care-fully) formed you and me, He smiled from ear to ear with pride and joy.