Celebrating Creation


3. Wonderfully Diverse

The well-loved Welsh preacher, Granville Morgan, (who was my wife, Brenda's minister) once preached a sermon on God's favourite word.


What would you guess is His favourite word? Is it "love"? Is it "grace"? Or is it "forgiveness"?


Granville argued that God's favourite word is "and".  

God created all the creatures that the waters teem with AND He created every winged bird according to its kind AND He created all the creatures of the land: livestock AND creatures that creep on the ground AND wild animals each according to their kind.

Think about it: God created red AND blue AND yellow AND green AND pink AND ...


Our new hi-definition TVs can display 281.5 trillion colours - and yet if God only gave us four colours we'd be none the wiser.  281.5 trillion colours still aren't enough to show a sunrise the way our eyes can see it.

God created whales AND dolphins AND jellyfish AND clownfish AND tuna AND sardines AND ...God created swallows AND vultures AND ostriches AND parrots AND budgies AND ducks AND duck-billed-platypus AND ...God created elephants AND kangaroos AND giraffes AND ants AND lions AND springbuck AND ...

The sheer diversity and creativity revealed in creation bears wonderful testimony to God's power, creativity and sense of humour (just look at the aardvark, the clownfish and the dung-beetle) It reveals His richness and awesome depth. Biologists are still discovering new species, astronomers are finding new stars and galaxies, and physicists are still discovering amazing truths in the quantum mechanics that govern our universe. 

We will never get to the end of what He can do!

So with the hymnwriter we must sing:

"Then sings my soul, my Saviour God to Thee

How great Thou art, How great Thou art!"