Praying For The Impossible

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DAY SIX: A Rag Tag Team Turned the World Upside Down  

The Lord doesn’t look so much at what we are but rather at what He can mold us into. The apostles were a ragtag team, most of them blue-collar fishermen, with a dreaded tax collector thrown into the mix.

After the death of Jesus on the cross, this motley crew ran to the Upper Room and hid! They knew that they needed the strength of God.

Listen, if we have a measure of pride in our own accomplishments and in our own strength, we will never fully know the power of God. The blessing of the Lord is for those who finally come to the end of themselves and say: “Lord, I just come to You as I am; I come to You in my brokenness and in my hopelessness. I come to You in my failure; I come to You with the mess I have made of my life, and I bring the sum total of this mess to You and trust that You are able to raise it from the dead and bring honor to Your name.”

Acts 4:33 doesn’t say, “And with great education the apostles gave witness to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus.” Nor does it say, “And with great programs the apostles gave witness to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus.” The early church did not rely on man-made skills, research, wealth, argument, programs, and so on. The apostles relied on God’s power and God’s leading.

That’s where our prayer has to start—“You are God! You spoke, and the worlds were created. You spoke, and life came into being. You spoke, and animals were created. You looked at dust in the earth, and You spoke and breathed, and man became a living soul. You are God—nothing is impossible with You.”