Praying For The Impossible

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DAY THREE: Miracles Bring Glory to God  

When we pray for the impossible, we recognize that nothing will be accomplished by the natural—our abilities or our own mechanisms—but by God’s Spirit. Miracles, for the Christian, should not be something we just accept but expect.

Now, in saying that, it doesn’t mean that God throws His miracles around like an item that can be found at the dollar store. God works in the impossible to bring redemption and to bring glory to His name. God’s will is about accomplishing God’s work in our lives. That’s why some people are healed miraculously from disease and others are not.

What will bring about God’s greater purpose and glory in our situation? We pray and believe the Lord for the impossible and watch Him bring about that which the natural cannot do.

When we realize that we are at the end of ourselves and what we can do, we start to recognize that God’s perspective is very different. I truly believe that the Lord leads us into impossible situations to open our eyes to the fact that we can’t live our lives on our own—that we need Him and His Spirit to work in and through us.

God declares through the promises in His Word that He is going to take you and make you into something much greater than you are. It’s the visible testimony God gives to His church that you and I are made into much more than we could ever hope to be in our own strength. We change by the Spirit of God, Paul says, from image to image and glory to glory.

The changed lives of people redeemed by the power of the cross are the greatest witnesses of the truth of the gospel to our fallen and needy world.