Praying For The Impossible

Day 4 of 7 • This day’s reading


DAY FOUR: Coming to the End of Yourself  

Do you find yourself in an impossible place right now?

You are not alone. This is exactly what confronted the prophet Ezekiel. The Scriptures tell us God had taken Ezekiel by the Spirit to a dry valley that was strewn with dead people’s bones

Before Ezekiel could see the impossible become possible, he needed the Spirit of the Lord on him.

You will never rely on the supernatural until the natural ends. In other words, until you come to the end of yourself, you will not experience the power of God working out the impossible in your life.

We need to be filled with the Holy Spirit—trusting God’s Word and communicating with Him through prayer—rather than trying to live out our faith in the natural. Too often we forfeit God’s hand upon us because we are dead to prayer, dead to His Word, and lacking in faith!

I want you to look at your life right now. Are you facing an impossible situation? Is the Lord working in and through you to bring about His desired end? Can you say this? The hand of the Lord came upon (your name), and the power of the Spirit led (your name).

When you put your name in place of “him,” does it speak the truth over your life right now? If it doesn’t, do you want the hand of the Lord upon you? Do you want the power of the Spirit leading you? If the answer is yes, then rejoice and start asking God to come upon you and to lead you by the power of His Holy Spirit. That’s a prayer that the Lord gladly answers because He wants all of us to walk daily in the truth, wisdom, and power of His Spirit!