Praying For The Impossible


DAY TWO: God Does the Impossible!

Years ago we were in Jamaica for an evangelistic crusade. The Lord called us to have the crusade in an area that had been given over to violence for thirty years. It got so violent that the government plowed down a thirty-acre field between the areas that were under the control of the drug lords. There were over eight hundred murders recorded on that field.

I remember telling the pastors from the community that there was going to be a revival in this area.

The pastors said, “It’s crazy—it’s a dangerous area to go in, and people don’t go there.”

At the first meeting there was only a little flock of Christian people, but because of fear some wouldn’t come on the field. So the people on the periphery were about five or six rows deep.

As I was speaking on Ezekiel 37, the Holy Spirit came on me, and I began to cry for the people. I just kept asking the Spirit to breathe on these dear people so that they may live.

The weeping that had come on me suddenly hit the front row of the people and just started going down the line! Before I knew it, people started to fill the field! That night about two thousand people met me at the altar and came to Christ. By the last night of the crusade, there were fourteen thousand people on that field.

On that field today the government has built beautiful houses and condominiums. What used to be no-man’s land now holds a church and a children’s playground. The Queen of England found out what was happening and donated personal money to build a pottery-making plant. Now there is employment and a thriving community, all because God did the impossible!