Praying For The Impossible

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DAY FIVE: "Lord, Put Your Hand on Me"  

If we are going to become what God would have us to be, we have to get to the point of agreeing with God concerning where we are spiritually.

One hundred twenty people in the early church were able to change the world through the gospel because they were empowered by God’s Spirit. Today we have 120 churches in close proximity in one community, and we can’t make an impact! Why? Because too many of us are like the dead man’s bones in the valley—lacking strength, influence, and life.

You see, at some point there has to be an honest evaluation of the heart. We can’t be afraid of that. It needs to be the cry of your heart, my heart, and every Christian’s heart. “Lord, put Your hand upon me. Lead me by Your Spirit. I find myself in an impossible place. Lord, fill me with Your Spirit so I can honor You, bear good fruit, and see You do the impossible in my world.”

Are you in a dry and arid place? Is the “impossible” set before you? Speak with faith toward Christ concerning every word that has come from His lips to you, and claim the full victory. In other words, cry out to the Lord and say, “Surround me, O God; surround me with what You say about my life and my future, and cause me to live. Lord, don’t let any other voice hit me from any side but Yours.”

Call to the voice of God, and ask Him to speak into your life and drive out the fear, doubt, and unbelief that rule in your heart. God is still the God of the impossible. His promises are real and still as true today as they were in the day of Ezekiel.