Praying For The Impossible


DAY ONE: Be a Big-Godder  

Do you believe that God can do the impossible in your life?

Robert Dick Wilson was one of the great professors at Princeton Theological Seminary. One of his students had been invited to preach in Miller Chapel after his graduation. Dr. Wilson came. At the close of the meeting, the old professor came up to his former student and said, “I am glad that you are a big-godder. When my boys come back, I come to see if they are big-godders or little-godders, and then I know what their ministry will be.”

His former student asked him to explain, and he replied, “Well, some men have a little God, and they are always in trouble with him. He can’t do any miracles. He can’t take care of the inspiration and transmission of the Scripture to us. He doesn’t intervene on behalf of his people. I call them little-godders. Then, there are those who have a great God. He speaks and it is done. He commands and it stands fast. He knows how to show himself strong on behalf of them that fear him. You have a great God; and he will bless your ministry.”

Are you a little-godder or a big-godder?

The Christian life is not lived in the natural, yet that’s exactly what so many believers are trying to do. We have moved away from the supernatural walk of the Holy Spirit and have relied on ingenuity, programs, and professional skills to try to accomplish God’s work. We have moved from the compassion of God that was exhibited on the cross to an inward focus.

God has given us the power of His Word and His Holy Spirit to live our Christian walk and accomplish His will. Where God says He is able to take you, what He says He is able to do, wherever He has determined to lead you is entirely possible as long as God Himself is the author and finisher of it. Your part is prayer and faith.