The Power Of The Holy Spirit

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The Coming of the Holy Spirit

The Day of Pentecost was one of the most phenomenal and important events in all of history, for it was the day of “the coming of the Holy Spirit.” Jesus had deliberately prepared the disciples for the coming of the Holy Spirit. Throughout the Bible, the revelation of the indwelling Spirit had been progressive (Joel 2:28–29, Luke 3:16, Acts 4:8, etc.). 

What does this mean? First, when we grasp the gospel and believe, genuinely believe unto salvation, the Holy Spirit enters our life. He comes upon, falls upon, pours, fills, baptizes (immerses) Himself into the life of the believer. This is a personal experience. We actually experience the Spirit coming into our life. The believer receives the Spirit experientially. Second, when we grasp the gospel and believe, really believe, the Holy Spirit places us into the body of Christ, which is God’s Church. The believer does not feel or experience this act. It is an act of God that takes place in heaven. We are counted as a member of the body, of the church. We are adopted as a child of God. It is an eternal position, an eternal relationship. Thirdly, after we are saved, we are to be filled and to keep on being “filled with the Spirit”—day by day (Eph. 5:18). 

Study Questions:

· Do you understand the Holy Spirit’s presence in your life? Or is it something you have a difficult time grasping? 

· Do you live daily with an awareness that God’s Spirit dwells within you? How should this awareness affect your conduct?

· What does it mean to be a part of the body of Christ? What are your responsibilities as a part of Christ’s body? Are you actively fulfilling your role in Christ’s body through involvement in a local, Bible-teaching, gospel-preaching church?

· You have been adopted as a child of God, as a part of His family? What does that mean for you personally?

· Do you seek the filling of the Spirit daily? That is, do you yield to His control, follow His guidance, live in His power?


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