The Power Of The Holy Spirit


The Offensive Truth

People are often offended by Christ. And one of the particular offenses is the teaching that the Spirit of God gives life and that the flesh counts for nothing. But the truth is that flesh cannot give a person life. The flesh can neither profit nor count for a person. We are totally incapable of helping or saving ourselves. People do not like to accept or think about the zero value of the flesh. They do everything they can to preserve its youth, attractiveness, and stamina. But before too long, the flesh proves unprofitable; it ages, deteriorates, and surrenders to the process of decay. Eventually, every person dies; the flesh surrenders to its own failure. 

Such a thought—despite its truthfulness—offends people. They love the world and the flesh, its pleasures and feelings. But the truth of the matter is, only the Spirit can give us abundant and eternal life. How do we receive this life? By receiving the Word of Christ. The words that Christ spoke are spirit and life. When a person receives the words of Christ into their hearts and lives, they begin to live. What sounds better to you? Living according to the flesh that ultimately deteriorates and dies—or living according to the Spirit, which ultimately leads to abundant and eternal life in Christ. 

Study Questions:

• Are you offended by this particular truth of Scripture? If yes, why?

• When is it the easiest to live in your flesh and not in the Spirit? 

• Do you feel more alive now that you have the Spirit dwelling inside of you? Are you truly experiencing abundant, eternal life (Jn.10:10)? If your answer is no, what are some ways you can change that? 

Today you are being made alive by the Spirit. Meditate on that truth, and come up with ways in which you can be reminded of this truth daily.