The Power Of The Holy Spirit


Worship in Spirit

We are to worship God in spirit. This verse is key to the distinction of human beings from all other of God’s creatures. There is a sense in which we humans are a paradox. We were created with all dignity and honor possible; yet, we were also created out of the most base and lowly stuff of all—dirt (Gen. 2:7). But note: humans are not only body and soul; we are also spirit. This is what makes us different from all other creatures. God breathes His own breath or spirit into the nostrils of every human being. God made no other creature like this. We are spirits, eternal beings made both for this earth and for eternity. God’s image is in us, giving us the spirit or the drive and ability to worship. Our spirits give us unquenchable spiritual drive and ability to reason after God and to relate to Him due to being made in His image. 

Our spirits (along with our souls) are the innermost part of being, the very core and heart of life. They contain the very breath of God’s life, the very breath of God’s existence, the very being of God’s life. That is, the spirit is eternal existence and being. God is Spirit, meaning He is the very embodiment of life eternal and He has created humans as spirits; therefore, we are to worship God in spirit and in truth. 

Study Questions:

· Is the truth that God is Spirit hard for you to grasp?

· How does your spirit truly yearn to connect with God, to worship Him as your Creator, your Redeemer, and your Master?

Take some time this week to worship your Maker and reflect on the truth that He has breathed life into your body and soul, that He made you for a relationship with Him.