What In The World Are You Waiting For? By Angelique Du Toit

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Forgiveness Is a Choice 

Forgiveness is a choice, a decision, not a feeling. Forgiveness is about your healing, not the other person’s behavior (see Ephesians 4:32 and James 5:16). The sooner you choose to forgive, the sooner you will be freed from the torturous prison of your soul. 

Resentment means that whatever you resent in another will return back to your own soul; the torture it causes can be felt for decades. It’s just not worth it. Forgiveness is one of our Father’s instructions to His children (see Colossians 3:13), and obedience is a prerequisite to freedom. We are not imprisoned by circumstances; we are freed by our choices, and choice is always our privilege.

The past is past. Nothing you can ever do, except to forgive, is ever going to change your past. The present is meant to be enjoyed, empowered and lived with every fiber of your God-restored being. Your future is the place you have the privilege of creating.

It’s even more exciting when you know that God is already in that place called the future. He knows the plans He has for you—plans to give you a future and a hope (see Jeremiah 29:11). Your responsibility is to believe that and to trust in Him (see Proverbs 3:5–6 and Psalm 37:4–5). Your past does not define your future, but it can be a platform on which to build your future.