What In The World Are You Waiting For? By Angelique Du Toit

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Don’t Get Lost in Your Current Chapter  

As unique as your DNA, your iris or your thumbprint, so is the story of your life. People may be able to take many things from you, but they will never be able to take your very own story. Some use their story for good. Some stumble over their life story, wishing it was different; many deny their story, feeling ashamed or embarrassed. Empowered people use their story to shape, influence and craft the next chapter of their lives.

Your story is the fundamental foundation on which to build the life you desire. The building blocks are secured by a powerful life cement called choice. What we choose today, we will live through tomorrow. We truly do win or lose by the way we choose, and you have the power to influence how your story unfolds (see Psalm 37:5). Your environment has shaped you for long enough and it is now time for you to shape your environment.

After all, your future is not a place you merely go—your future is the place you have the privilege of creating. Stories are as old as time itself and have created worlds of imagination, fables, fantasy and fun. However, there is one story that has the power to forever change your world, and that is your very own story.

Life is a learning process so the quicker we ask the question “What can I learn from this?”, the easier the process becomes. The more you become a willing participant in the creation of your story, the more you will embrace change and see how your story starts to unfold in marvelous ways.