What In The World Are You Waiting For? By Angelique Du Toit

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Your Identity in Christ

Do you believe your circumstances, disappointments and disillusionments, or do you believe what your Creator says about you? If you are waiting to feel better or fit better, or for fame and fortune to design your life, you may wait for many decades. But choosing today to believe what God says and to sincerely apply the principles of His Handbook to your everyday life (and this is faith, plain and simple), you will start to breathe a sigh of relief that echoes your heart’s deep desire. 

Where does this new journey of life begin? It starts with remembering who you are in this world. It is even more empowering to remember whose you are. Our Creator gives us our identity, confidence and purpose—a reason for being.

Identity has to do with uniqueness, individuality, distinctiveness and particularity. The moment we forget that we were made in the image of God, we lose our real identity. There is only one you, created by the hand of God, made in the image of God (see Genesis 1:27 and Ephesians 4:24). 

There is one Person, fully man, yet fully God, and His Name is Jesus. He is the One who came to give His life for you and me so that we would never again be in doubt as to who we are. He is the One to whom we belong; the One who gives us a reason to live in the present and our reason to hope for eternity (see Psalm 16:11; 90:2). We just need to believe it and choose to live in this truth.