What In The World Are You Waiting For? By Angelique Du Toit

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Your Invitation Awaits  

Perhaps you have been waiting for a sign—an affirmation, a confirmation, some information to establish you, empower you or give you permission. You may have had to fight the delays of doubt, deal with mega disappointments or even a few bouts of depression. 

Could it be that you felt competent and accomplished, but it seemed like you never quite fit in? You always put forward your ideas with enthusiasm, but they were never taken seriously? You may have even tried out for the sports team or run time trials, but didn’t make the cut. The ballet classes you attended so passionately never resulted in a part in the production.

Being a doctor was your ideal, but circumstances didn’t allow you to make it to medical school. It now seems pointless . . . purposeless. Yet deep down in that inner place, that place at the source of your life, there is an ongoing reminder, a constant indicator, an unrelenting nudge that whispers, “You were born for this”. You were created for more. You have a God-designed assignment that resides in your DNA. 

Don’t settle, don’t give up and don’t be deterred. Every machine or piece of equipment that has been manufactured for a specific use comes inclusive of the manufacturer’s handbook. You have been magnificently created, with a detailed, specific purpose. 

The One who made you detailed and designed you with purpose, plans, passion and productivity grafted into the very marrow of your bones (see Exodus 9:16 and Philippians 2:13). You just must choose this day whom you will believe.