What In The World Are You Waiting For? By Angelique Du Toit

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Attitude Is a Choice

Life is never predictable, nor is it always fair; however, it was made for living—living an abundant life, not a redundant one (see John 10:10). We will have to learn to trust the processes because they are usually for our good. Again we have to ask the question: “What is there to learn and how can I apply this key learning to my life?”

To live powerfully in the present, we need to take risks. We will need to do something different and challenging, even if we are afraid. Rather make a decision to take the risk than stay in your present rut. A rut is far more dangerous than it looks and, truthfully, the longer you stay stuck, the more difficult it is to get free. A rut creates complacency. It never forces a decision, and over time it becomes easier to explain why we can’t move forward or why a situation or person is to blame for the rut we are in.

Attitude is a choice—it is not a feeling. A good attitude is a powerful imperative for successfully living in the present and for creating a future pathway that is loaded with potential (see 1 Thessalonians 5:24). 

It is always worthwhile to remember that every day you are alive you have the opportunity to write another page in the autobiography of your life. What is your story going to say about the way you lived your life? What life principles are you leaving for those who are coming after you: your children, your grandchildren, your team? Make a decision today to autograph your life with excellence.