Reach - A 21 Day Devotional


Sent by Jesus to Fulfill Your Destiny

God didn’t just save you so He could take you to heaven. He has a destiny in His mind for you to fulfill. But you must become proactive or it will never happen. We need to follow the example of the Apostle Paul and “take hold of” it. The “it” is actually plural, as we have seen these 21 days. Good works include everything from learning to be polite (yes, adults too), to volunteering as a parking lot attendant at church or a soccer coach, to designing a cathedral. What is your special role in your family, your church, your neighborhood, your school or place of employment? Are you responsible and trustworthy in your volunteer activities?

The bigger, overarching purpose of your life is harder to pinpoint. You will find it by seriously considering your priorities, and waiting on the Holy Spirit to show you what deeply excites you long term. Don’t underestimate the importance of “just” being a great Dad and Grandfather, or a wonderfully loving Mom and Grandmother.

Today’s Reach:

Spend some time with God to list 5-8 priorities of your life at this time, in order of importance. Review them with your spouse, parent, or spiritual mentor. Place them in your Bible at Philippians 3, and make decisions each Sunday about how you will invest your time and energies that week.