Reach - A 21 Day Devotional


Sent by Jesus to Those You Work With

Joshua not only served his Moses. Moses mentored his Joshua. Abram taught Lot, his nephew, until they both prospered so much they had to separate because of the space required for all their cattle. Elijah threw his mantle on Elisha. Paul had his Timothies. No matter your work, your part of the job won’t flourish unless you do your assignments with skill and excellence and assist others to do the same. There is a joyous and contagious, synergistic energy that the Holy Spirit brings when people work well together—in the home, at school, in the office or store, on the beat, in the corps, even in traffic! Men bond as they work the project. Employees bond as they work the project. We love teaming up more than working. God loves every part of this, and especially the harmony and concord in relationships that blossom and grow. Cooperation is just fun. Learn to love Mondays! God does. As your influence increases, and that should be intentional, your opportunities to shape the lives of others for Jesus multiplies. This is where Jesus in you makes you thrive. When people bump into you at work or school, they will taste the sweet fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience—not the bitter taste of anger, put down, or sarcasm. Now you transform their attraction to you by bringing your Holy-Ghost gifting’s to encourage them and to lead them to all that God values: the things that help them produce excellence on the job and the things that satisfy their souls. Your boss could recognize your value doing this and make it part of your job description, as mine did.

Today’s Reach:

Identify a person (or two?), where you spend most of your time, to invest in by praying, considering, and humbly coaching.