Reach - A 21 Day Devotional


Sent by Jesus To Your Church

Why do you go to church? To get something? To feel something? Actually, those are all good reasons, but how would you feel if you went home from church next time with the deep, glowing satisfaction that you had made somebody’s day by giving them a specific and meaningful encouragement? Or maybe even a healing gift of the Holy Spirit? What if that happened every time you went to church? It can, if it’s important enough to you to let Jesus send you to church on a mission every time! But that kind of fruit with consistency doesn’t come without the planting, watering, and cultivating of your heart. Ask the Holy Spirit before you go whom He wants to bless, and how to do it. Then, go looking for that person (or two. How much are you up for?) What kind of church will we become when 10,000 believers ask Jesus to send them to church to minister every time they go?! That’s what Jesus would love to see. Will you become one of them?

Today’s Reach:

Schedule time to prepare your heart and spirit to be sent to church by Jesus to give personal ministry to someone He loves next time you go. Make it your regular practice.