Reach - A 21 Day Devotional


What does the Word say?

It is so important to note that throughout His testing time and more noticeable here, Jesus always answered every test with the written Word of God. That a affirmation that came from God’s Word gave him the power to overcome. The enemy might be saying things to you that sound good, but then are not true. For us to have any lasting change in our inner man we must be filled with the Spirit and the Word. If the devil is speaking lies or trying to bend the truth to deceive you it is time to pull out the Sword of the Spirit and send him packing!

Today’s Reach:

Identify the lies the enemy has been speaking to you. You may have to ask the Holy Spirit for help. Find a scripture that replaces any lie or lies that the enemy has brought to your life. Read them and confess them over yourself throughout the day.