Reach - A 21 Day Devotional


Sent by Jesus to Your Place of Work

God takes human authority so seriously He gives specific commands about how we are to respect and honor whoever is in authority. These scriptures are originally written to slaves, so “I have a bad boss” is no excuse. Consider how these commands show the wisdom and love of God for people who live in society. Picture what your workplace would be like if everyone was a believer, knowing they are sent by Jesus to make the place they work in and the people they work for succeed. There would be such a wonderful effectiveness. The organization would fulfill its purpose and would be characterized by order and respect. We need to submit! What if your supervisor’s success depends on you? Are you willing to serve so they get the credit, God gets the glory, and you get eternal rewards?

Today’s Reach:

Ask God how you can serve your supervisor as you would serve Jesus. This week, make an “appointment” so you can apologize sincerely for anything you have done to hinder, and assure them that you are there to make them succeed fully.