Reach - A 21 Day Devotional


Sent by Jesus to People In Need

The Holy Spirit, that Jesus was full of, is what made Him able to do what the Father sent Him to do. Poverty of any kind is the opposite of the peace that God wants to give everybody. Jesus, by the anointing of the Holy Spirit, brought good news to the downcast, freedom to prisoners, sight to the blind, deliverance for the oppressed, food for the hungry, hope for the hopeless, forgiveness for the guilty, joy instead of mourning, and praise to replace depression. Jesus baptized you in the same Holy Spirit so He could send you to do what the Father sent Him to do. You are empowered to do the same things in your world! What a privilege and honor! As you allow the love of Jesus inside you to grow and take time to see people around you as He sees them, you will begin to notice people who need what the Father sent Jesus, and you, to help them receive. Most unbelievers have a crisis once or twice each year. If you befriend them and let them feel God’s love through you, you may be the person they open up to when their heart is tender. If not, you may need to pay attention to subtle indicators. A normally cheerful person who is depressed, productive person who is “on his game” today.

Today’s Reach:

Invest 10-20 minutes during lunch or break, listening to someone who needs a listening ear, or to develop a relationship for future responsiveness. Be bold enough to ask if you can pray for them, command healing, order a bad spirit to leave, share a promise from God, pray for them, and/or invite them to your church where people’s needs are met. Try this on someone you live with as well.