The Impact Of Scripture

Scripture is powerful.

What other explanation can there be for the incredibly unique place the Bible has in the course of human history? This best-selling book of all time has traveled all over the world, changing hearts and lives wherever it goes. So many things about the Bible point to the truth that it is, in fact, the very Word of God.

The fact that people have died for the right to translate it and read it in their own language. The fact that people have died carrying it illegally across borders. The fact that no matter what opposition has come against it, its message continues to spread.

Today’s verses speak to why this is. Through the prophet Isaiah, God Himself tells us why — because the Bible carries within it the power to accomplish the purposes God has for sending it into our lives. It always accomplishes its mission. It always produces fruit. It always flourishes and prospers where God sends it. Just as God’s spoken words in Genesis carried the power to create the universe, His written Word also carries the power to create new life in the hearts of those who believe and live its truth.

This Bible plan is designed to help you unlock this power in your life. You’ll explore what the Bible has to say about itself and its impact on those who believe it. And hopefully, as you build a habit of reading it daily, you’ll begin to experience the powerful impact of scriptural truth in your own life.

Talk to God: God, we thank You for giving us the gift of Your written Word. Help me to hear from You as You speak to me through Your Word. Help me experience the power of Your Word personally as I go through this plan. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.